Correcting Results

The Count Things from Photos app counts best when selecting the proper Counting Template.
The app tags each counted object with a number. In some cases, counting accuracy can slightly suffer due to certain conditions, which render a few counting mistakes (such as missing, misplaced or extra tags) that you can easily correct. Heres how to do it.
Step 1 - Count Take a photo or use an existing one, and tap Count.
Step 2 - Review the Results Examine the counted photo and identify incorrect or missing tags. Use two fingers to pan & zoom the photo.
Step 3 - Make Modifications if Necessary If you notice any counting mistakes, you can easily correct them by adding, deleting, or moving tags.
To add tags, make sure the "Add Tags" button is selected. Tap the location where you want to add tags.
To remove tags, make sure the "Delete Tags" button is selected. Tap the tag you want to remove.
To move tags, drag the tag to a new location.
Step 4 - Optional: Tag Size In most cases the app will automatically recognize the size of an object.
You can adjust the "Tag Size" by tapping the two buttons to make the tags smaller or bigger.
Step 5 - Optional: Show/Hide Numbers The app will automatically place numbers inside tags.
You can toggle the "Hide #" button to show or hide the numbers inside the tags.
Step 6 - Save results Tap "Save" after you have made all the corrections.
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