Purchase With PayPal

This Guide walks you through the steps to purchase our subscription using PayPal from the CountThings from Photos app.
Step 1 - Account From the CountThings from Photos app, go to Account.
Step 2 - Purchase Plan In the Account Window, make sure you're in the Subscription screen, then click on Purchase Plan button.
Clicking on Purchase Plan button will redirect you to your account details in your preferred browser.
Step 3 - Account Overview From your account Overview, select the device and the Subscription plan that you wish to purchase.
Step 4 - Select Plan After selecting the Plan, choose between a monthly plan or a yearly plan, accept our Terms of Service and click on the BUY NOW button.
Clicking on BUY NOW button will redirect you to PayPal website.
Step 5 - Payment with PayPal Log in with your PayPal account or choose the option to Pay with Debit or Credit Card.
If you do not have a PayPal account, please create one on PayPal website.
Click on Pay Now and wait for the transaction to be verified.
Step 6 - Purchase Completed After a few seconds, you will be redirected to your Account Overview page, where a message will notify you that the purchase of a new plan has been done successfully.
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